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Bauman Farms was first homesteaded in 1895 by Elizabeth Bauman and her teenage sons Stephen and Leo. In the early 1900’s, my Great Grandpa Stephen began making cider in the barn for family and neighbors alike. We try and use as much fruit from our farm as possible in our cider, and when we can’t we strive to source only local Northwest ingredients. Take a long sip and enjoy our continuing family tradition.

2021 Cidery of the Year – Great Lakes International Cider Competition (small cidery)
2019-2021 Cidery of the Year – Northwest Cider Association


The Story of Bauman’s Cider

“Who’s making hard cider?”

This was the question Christine discussed with family members at many a gathering at the farm. It seemed that everyone wanted to enjoy hard cider, but no one had quite volunteered to undertake the unique process of making this special beverage. Motivated by her own curiosity, Christine began to probe into the family tradition of making hard cider after the apple harvest. As it turns out, in the early to mid 1900’s Great-grandpa Stephen had perfected the method for making hard cider in the barn using the traditional method of fermenting apples in barrels.

At the time that prohibition was passed, many of the apples grown on the farm were in fact cider apples. As the effects of prohibition took hold, the family farm moved into growing dessert fruit. Thus, Great-grandpa Stephen’s traditional method of making hard cider faded into the background. Upon learning of her family history of producing hard cider, and armed with a degree in biochemistry from Lewis & Clark University, Christine became determined to revive Great-grandpa Stephen’s tradition of making hard cider while at the same time utilizing modern scientific cider making methods to bring this unique family beverage into today’s marketplace.

Christine Walter, founder of Bauman's Cider

Christine Walter, Bauman’s Cider founder

Drawing from the incredibly rich experiences of her childhood as one of six siblings growing up on the family farm, which included learning the value of hard work (picking berries at 4:30am), making cider from a hand-cranked cider press, and the time spent at her uncle’s nearby fresh market stand, Christine simply got to work and began perfecting the modern version of Great-grandpa Stephen’s hard cider. While always mindful of keeping his tradition intact, Christine declares “It’s a scientific adventure to make hard cider today and bring it to market.”

This blending of modern hard cider making with the best of traditional methods developed on the family farm spanning five generations is now lovingly perfected in every bottle. The result of Christine’s efforts is truly a hard cider of which we hope Great-grandpa Stephen would proud.


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Please visit us at Bauman Farms to enjoy a pint, taste our newest ciders, or fill a growler! In addition to cider, visit the farm year round for locally grown produce, gourmet foods, bakery, giftware and more! And be sure to return in the fall during the apple harvest to watch us press apples for our hard and fresh cider as well as to enjoy the #1 pumpkin patch in Oregon with activities for the whole family!

You can also find us at bars, restaurants, stores, and bottle shops throughout Oregon and Washington using the map below! Please note that many places rotate their beers and ciders on a regular basis, so if you want to be sure we are available please call ahead!

We are currently distributed by Maletis, Bigfoot Beverages, and River Barrel Distributing.

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