Bauman's Cider

How it all began

Christine began making cider in 2016, drawing from her wholesome childhood experiences making cider from a hand-cranked cider press with Grandpa Clyde, and working at her uncle’s fresh market stand. In her effort to perfect the modern version of Great-Grandpa Stephen’s original hard cider, Bauman's Cider was born.

This blending of modern cidermaking with tried-and-true traditional methods developed on the family farm, results in a hard cider which we think Stephen & Clyde would be proud of.

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It starts right here

At Bauman's Farm

Our cider is made from apples and other fruits grown and harvested on our century farm whenever possible.

Our farm was first homesteaded in 1895 and today, we keep those rich traditions alive by farming our land with reverence by being good stewards of the earth.

Our apples are at the core

of every cider we make

We believe that being good stewards of the land helps us grow better apples and fruits, and in-turn helps us make better cider.

In addition, we work with like-minded local orchardists to source various cider apple varietals that you can find in our Harvest Series Ciders.

For some of our ciders where we need more exotic ingredients, we source from other local farms and businesses, to reinvest in our community.

Fermented at our cidery

on the family farm

Having our cidery close to where our apples and fruits grow allows us to make the freshest farm-grown cider possible.

We primarily ferment in stainless steel vessels using modern cidermaking methods, but we also use traditional barrel-aging and slower fermentations in other vessels to make many of our Harvest Series and Limited Release ciders.

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